To become the leading global Plant and Natural Medicine producer


To undertake research into Plant and Natural medicines, develop, produce and distribute products globally


The COA-RMCL was established to:

  1. Conduct research into plant and natural medicines
  2. Use the research findings to produce plant medicines
  3. Conduct market feasibilities for making the products visible on the market
  4. Create distribution channels for the products
  5. Market the products of the company
  6. Use plant-based products to manage conditions that affect humanity
  7.  Support the activities of the Centre of Awareness Global Peace Mission




Management staff
Administrative staff
Factory hands
Harvesting team
Regional offices


The COA Research and Manufacturing Limited Company was incorporated under the Companies Act in the year 2020 as a Limited Liability Company. The COA-RMCL is an offshoot of the Center of Awareness Global Peace Mission. The COA-RMLC is the producer of COA Mixture, an herbal medicine registered by the FDA for general well-being.

The COA-RMLC presently has a staff strength of 160 and hundreds of Distributors, Agents, and retailers in Ghana, UAE, USA, UK, Europe among others. The company is known for its innovative approach in the field of research and manufacturing.

With a team of brilliant minds, COA’s primary focus is on developing groundbreaking solutions in the area of plant and natural medicines. Our relentless pursuit of knowledge and deep understanding of scientific principles have propelled the company to the forefront of our respective fields.

COA’s commitment to research and development is unparalleled. The company is in the process of establishing a state-of-the-art laboratory and research facility, equipped with cutting-edge technologies to facilitate its investigations. By fostering a collaborative work environment and encouraging interdisciplinary research, COA-RMLC has successfully bridged the gap between theory and practical application.

In terms of manufacturing, COA-RMLC is renowned for its precision and attention to detail. The company have the capability to produce high-quality products, meeting the requirements and demands of clients.

It is worth mentioning that COA-RMLC is not just a profit-driven company. The company strive to make a positive impact on society and the environment. Through our extensive corporate social responsibility initiatives, COA-RMCL supports educational programs, environmental conservation efforts, and community development projects.

In conclusion, COA Research and Manufacturing Limited Company stands as a testament to the power of scientific inquiry and innovation. With our unwavering dedication to research, state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, and commitment to social responsibility, COA continues to shape the future relative to integration of traditional and orthodox medicine.

The company has a Quality Assurance Department that is responsible for the implementation of Good Quality Management Systems. The COA-RMLC is working towards achieving ISO 9001-15. The COA-RMLC is poised to be the Standard in plant medicine production in Africa.


Research into Plant and Natural Medicines

Production of Plant and Natural Medicines Marketing and Sales of Plant and Natural Medicines Corporate Social Responsibility

Production of COA Drugs

COA Mixture

Sale of COA Products

Purchase COA Mixture via our Online Drug Store and at our clinics or through our Agents and Distributors.

Clinical Services

Treatment of Chronic Diseases by supporting the immune system. Laboratory Services, etc.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We impact society by supporting various human-centered initiatives