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The Founder/CEO of the COA Research and Manufacturing Company Limited, Professor Samuel Ato Duncan has reiterated his commitment to partnering with Nananom in the Central Region to champion the industrial revolution of the Region. Addressing members of the Regional House of Chiefs on Tuesday, Professor Duncan noted that the history of Ghana without acknowledging the exploits of the past heroes of the region will be incomplete. He noted however that the time has come for the region to move away from living on past glories, identify the opportunities inherent in the perceived challenges the region is confronted with, and rally the support of progressively minded citizens towards the development of the region.

He said, his Company, the COA-RMCL, like others in the region has unique products which require the support of Nananom in order to scale up and export the same. “BY so doing, we will not only be supporting the local economy through job creation but will also rake in foreign exchange to help reduce the volume of import, thereby minimizing the pressure on the cedi.”

According to Professor Duncan, the Central Region has some of the best arable lands ideal for the cultivation of medicinal plants and other agricultural products.

He said the COA-RMCL, through research, has identified several other products besides COA Mixture that has the potential of raking in over 32 billion dollars annually. He, therefore, called on the members of the House to acquaint themselves with these developments and bring their expertise on board to help make it worthwhile.

Responding, the President of the House, Ɔdɛɛfuɔ Amoakwa Boadu VIII thanked Professor Duncan for availing himself to address the House on the operations of his Company and how the region to replicate same in other parts of the region.
He pledged the commitment of the House to establishing a sub-committee to discuss the issues raised by Professor Duncan in his address and propose an action plan subsequently.

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