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The President General of COA Research & Manufacturing Limited Company (COA-RMLC), Professor Samuel Ato Duncan, has addressed a press conference at the Exim Bank Hall, Accra. The conference aimed to clarify concerns regarding brand misuse, price variations, and the distinction between COA products. Here is a highlight of the press statement.

Brand Misuse

Professor Duncan emphasized that COA-RMLC’s unique formula is highly confidential and has never been shared with any third party. He warned consumers to be cautious of individuals exploiting the COA brand, claiming to offer similar products at lower prices. He cautioned Consumers to purchase COA products from authorized distributors.

Price Variations

The CEO explained that COA Mixture has consistently retailed for GHS100 since 2016, despite inflation. The company absorbs costs to make the product accessible. However, distributors may adjust prices slightly to cover operational costs. COA Plus Mixture, a premium product for immune system support, retails for GHS200. COA MT Mixture, targeting malaria, costs GHS60. Price variations may occur due to transportation costs or premium retail pricing.

Product Distinctions

COA Mixture promotes general well-being, while COA Plus Mixture targets immune system support. COA MT Mixture specifically addresses malaria. Consumers should choose the appropriate product based on their needs. The company recommends using only one product at a time to maximize effectiveness.

False Advertising

COA-RMLC has discovered unauthorized marketing materials falsely promoting COA products as cures for various diseases. The company emphasizes that these products are not registered cures and should not replace traditional medical treatment. They are collaborating with the FDA to hold those responsible accountable.

Future Developments

Professor Duncan shared his vision for plant-based cellular therapies and the company’s research and development phase. He invited stakeholders to join this groundbreaking journey, emphasizing the potential of natural medicine for quality healthcare.

COA-RMLC is committed to addressing consumer concerns, providing accurate information, and ensuring responsible use of its products. The company encourages consumers to continue recommending COA products and looks forward to a future where Ghana becomes a global hub for innovative natural medicines.

Accra, Ghana – On May 14, 2024

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